Pattie Gonia Goes to the Tonys | BTS at Zero Waste Daniel

Happy Pride month, y’all!

Earlier this month, a childhood dream of mine came true… I got to attend The Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in NYC! If you know me at all, you know that the Tonys are my Super Bowl. While I likely couldn’t name 15 NFL teams and their correct mascots, I could (and will, if you let me) tell you too much information about Broadway shows and stars from the last 20 years, complete with the recitation of show tunes. I’d always wanted to attend The Tonys, but it wasn’t until this year that the opportunity presented itself through a dear friend.

One of my besties, Wyn A.K.A. the world’s first backpacking drag queen, Pattie Gonia, was invited to rock the red carpet at the Tonys and invited a small team of friends along to make it happen. Zero Waste Daniel created a stunning custom dress for Pattie based on the Botticelli painting “The Birth of Venus,” Katie Nash came along to do Pattie’s makeup, and fellow Broadway fan Abbey Moore and I documented everything coming together pre-show.

It was nothing short of amazing to see Daniel design Pattie’s dress from 100% fabric scraps that otherwise would have been thrown away; what a thrill to see this designer’s process unfold in the days leading up to the Tonys. I’m sharing some images below that describe the anticipation and work that went into creating Pattie’s red carpet look. On a personal note, it was magic to see one of my besties shine and see him elevate Pattie’s platform of LGBTQ+ inclusiveness and positivity to the red carpet!

…And the final look:

Too much fun. Thanks to the Sofitel for taking good care of us during our time in NYC!