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On a recent-ish summer trip to my home state of Colorado, I worked with the radiant Vithya of Boss Lady Style to create some personal branding imagery for her styling business. Working with her was a breeze; she’s such a lovely soul, and had a fire about her when it came to making her dream business a reality.

The shoot took place over a few hours. We rented a bright, feminine space that was on-point for Vithya’s brand and got to work setting up a few different vignettes + scenes to shoot that told the story of her business. Personal branding images or so important to help business owners paint a picture of what kind of experience clients will have working with you. Posting images of your process builds trust and excitement in your clients.

Hey clients! I’m working on building a portfolio of personal brand photography for 2019, and I’d like to work with 2 separate people at significantly discounted rates to practice and make sure my workflow is running smoothly before opening this up to the public.

I'd especially love to hear from artists, healers, health or wellness coaches, wedding industry folks, designers, bloggers... Anyone whose story I can help tell, and anyone who needs help telling their story on social media.

We’ll work together to design a custom photoshoot for them that reflects their brand and story. They’ll receive 3 months worth of custom images for daily social media posting or to use anywhere they do business online. The discounted price for this is $499, which is WAY lower than what I will be charging when I open this service up to the public in a few weeks.

So much of a small business's success depends on how they tell their stories visually these days, and selfies only go so far... Let me help you look your best!

Many thanks. Happy Weekend!

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You can visit Boss Lady Styles’s website or instagram to see how she’s been putting these images to good use. So fun!