JOIN Shop Brick & Mortar Store in Seattle | Seattle Small Business Photography

Seattleites: Have you walked past the multi-use space at 400 Fairview lately? Some of my favorite little gems in the city are located at this new hub in the South Lake Union area. Of all the great shops and restaurants in that space, Shop JOIN is my favorite. 

Shop JOIN started as a brick and mortar extension of a 10-year-old collective of local product designers, and has since grown to feature over 60 independent makers, designers, and artists from across the US. The shop is managed by my friends SallyAnn and Joe from Fruitsuper Design, whose product design skills are only outshone by their fantastic sense of humor and strong desire to support the local and national design community.

I always love working with these guys, shooting images of their shop locations and products. The shop has an awesome Instagram account that you can follow to keep up with new products and events like collaborations and workshops. Working with small business owners like these guys is really some of my favorite work that I do every year. It's been so fun to witness their professional growth over the last few years, and I'm honored to have been invited to make some photos of their shops in South Lake Union and, more recently, their newest location in Walla Walla! 

Shop JOIN is turning one this week! Check out their Facebook page for details of their big celebration on June 1st!