Nonprofit Photography for Arrive in Kenya


I’m grateful to nonprofits that are working to invest in the safety, health, and education of youth, whether that’s right here in the U.S., or abroad. I’m honored to have partnered with one of them on a recent trip to Kenya.

The kids I met at the Arrive Kenya organization in southwestern Kenya are healthy, vibrant, and getting education. They’re a total delight! I’m so inspired by the work this organization has done to help vulnerable kids and the home base it’s created for them.

I was invited to Kenya to co-create storytelling content for the organization, which I did, but I was also just so thrilled to be a tourist in that beautiful country. Western Kenya truly has one of the most gorgeous landscapes I’ve ever laid eyes on. We even went on safari, which was absolutely incredible. I can’t tell you with words how breathtaking this experience turned out to be.

There were almost full days when I barely picked up my camera at all. I enjoyed spending tons of time with the kids; reading with them, trying to find Waldo (a universal, international problem), and learning about their daily lives. Something unexpected happened to my stress level in Kenya: it became almost nonexistent in its usual form. There was less distraction of internet or binge TV watching. I was more or less cut off from those things for 8 days. Our job was to just be there, make a few photos, and be present. We were guests. There’s so much beauty in simply being together. I hope you get the chance to visit Kenya and see for yourself.

Sharing some photos from my trip that help me remember how that country felt to me, and remember the amazing folks I met. I am hopeful that these images will help this organization better tell their story -one of youth empowerment; not pity- and make sure these kids have the resources they need to thrive in the longterm.

If you don’t already donate to organizations that work to better kids’ health and education either here in the US or elsewhere, please consider donating to a responsible organization like Arrive. You can give a monetary donation to them online via Paypal, and even sponsor a kid’s education. Get in touch with any questions. And happy holidays! xoxo