Jill and Giti's Seattle Courthouse Wedding


jill + giti

Only three other people in the world -friends of the couple, the judge, and I- were there that evening to witness Jill and Giti exchange their vows, but as I've learned over the years and seen time and time again, the number of wedding guests doesn't diminish the heightened energy of the wedding ceremony.

No matter where the ceremony takes place, whatever space the couple occupies becomes sacred and special. For just a few (chilly December!) moments in December, I had the honor of witnessing Jill and Giti's new beginning.

After 7+ years of photographing weddings, the gravity of the work is not lost on me. Yes, on the surface it looks like wedding photographers are just taking photos, but it's more than that.

Have you heard of a doula? A doula is a woman who is trained to assist women through the process of childbirth. It's become clear to me that, while I'm not assisting my wedding couples through the birthing process (at least, that's not the plan at all!), I love my job because it does feel like wedding work is in the same realm. 

When the day comes, I'm helping to guide clients from one season of their lives on through to the beginning of the next. There's often a rush, and a push, to get there, and then elation once the moment arrives. With a wedding, families are officially born, so I guess you can say we wedding professionals (photographers, planners, etc.) are, well... wedding doulas in a way. And your photos, they're around for generations. They're the representation of the family genesis. And that feels pretty cool.

There's a lot of misguided hype in the wedding industry these days. The importance of details over moments, celebrity complexes, general emphasis on epic-ness when it comes to which weddings get the fanfare. But I think the real hype is you. It's your story and your legacy. 

I see it now. I honor it. And I do not take it for granted, this frequent witnessing of families forming. I'm a lucky gal!


Getting Ready Location: Four Seasons Seattle | Ceremony Location: Seattle Municipal Court | Florals: Rusty Blackwood

Congrats Jill and Giti!