KUOW Photo Project: Moms of Color Breastfeeding


I recently had the honor of working on a very meaningful photo project for KUOW, Seattle's local NPR station. I'm a huge NPR nerd, so I'm not exaggerating when I say it was a dream to shoot for them. An unexpected-but-very-welcome work opportunity that was a bit different from my usual wedding and portrait work.

The reporter, Isolde Raftery, and I drove around all of Seattle visiting these amazing moms; women of color who all opened up their homes and hearts to us in an effort to raise awareness for an important cause. In the process, I got a lot of insight into the issue of breastfeeding - did you know women of color are far less likely to breastfeed than white women? Why aren't more people talking about this? What are the reasons? What can we do about it? This article and photo series explores some of those questions.

So much love for the women who so bravely and openly shared their stories with us and let me capture some sweet moments of them nursing their babes. As a woman of color myself, I feel honored to highlight this issue. Thank you. 

Check out KUOW to see more images from the shoot.

Krista WelchComment