Yellow Barn at Buckley Wedding Photos

I've been fortunate to attract some truly rad clients in 2016; Ellen and Dave were no exception. Ellen is a doula (A.K.A. an amazing human being) and Dave is in the military (clearly also an amazing human being) and together they are such a beautiful match. I loved documenting their strong bond. Together, these two are a force. They'd already tied the knot in a more intimate setting in Hawaii, but they chose the Yellow Barn at Buckley for their family ceremony here in Washington.  Stella Fiore provided the wood-fired pizza truck -be still my heart- and Shutter Bus Co., a handcrafted photobooth inside a vintage '74 VW bus, was parked outside to add to the festivities. More awesome things about this day included pies instead of cake, getting to shoot with one of my very favorite people, Jenny Wohrle; and Mount Rainier showing off in the background all day. It was a good one!

seattle yellow barn wedding photos