Now Sapphire Cancun Destination Wedding

Leila and Dennis technically tied the knot in a sweet, civil ceremony at the courthouse a few months back, but they also planned a larger celebration in Mexico for their friends and families. And --lucky me-- I was invited along to document the festivities! Their destination resort of choice was Now Sapphire Cancun, and upon my arrival, I totally understood why. The wedding staff were awesome; they made my couple's experience a smooth one, and mine as well. I used to think that a resort vacation wasn't my jam, but man-oh-man did this place make it easy to love. Definitely recommended if you're looking for a relaxing experience, and/or you don't want to deal with planning a huge wedding bash in the States. Sometimes it just makes sense to go the all-inclusive route! So much gratitude to my sweet couple for inviting me along, Juan Carlos and the wedding staff at Now Sapphire for taking care of us, Carla from Unique Romance Travel for coordinating my travel plans, and my dear friend from photography school, Laura Menchaca, for shooting with me. Upon editing these photos I'm painfully aware that I miss the beach, the string light dream that was the Preferred Pool reception location, and the full moon that took its stand in the sky over the aqua, cellophane ocean on those deliciously breezy Mexican nights. Can't wait to go back!

now sapphire cancun wedding-0001

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