Jams + Jams: Lindsey and Greg's Skansonia Wedding

Lindsey and Greg, what the heck do I even say about you?! How about..... you're totally awesome? And that you designed your wedding day to be crazy-fun and super authentic to your personalities? And that you and your friends + fam were so kind (and really good dancers?!) That your details managed to be the perfect mixture of playful and approachable while still achieving maximum levels of classy wedding goodness? And that your night ceremony on the Skansonia provided your guests with a really special experience, watching you tie the knot --on a boat, on Lake Union-- while the city skyline still glowed those pretty blues?

I mean, that's a start. You guys rock. Okay here are some pictures. Beer soon. xo #imonaboat

skansonia wedding photos-00001_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00003_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00005_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00010_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00007_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00026_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00019_-WEB

Below: 3 of my favorite wedding vendors in all of Seattle! Cho and DJ Gumbeaux from Magnolia Rhapsody and Katie from Wonderstruck Event Design. All sorts of vendor/human love here!

skansonia night wedding photos-0001

skansonia wedding photos-00021_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00025_-WEB

skansonia wedding photos-00023_-WEB

skansonia night wedding photos-0002skansonia night wedding photos-0003

Thank you to my friend, Katie for shooting with me that day!

ALSO! If you're engaged and freaked out by the vastness of the Seattle Wedding Show, come see me at I Do SoDo next month! It'll be a smaller-scale, rad tour of 7 really unique venues. Come! I hear there will be cake, soooooo make the right choice.