Seattle Municipal Courthouse Wedding - Joe + Nicole

Sometimes the big, schmancy wedding is just not your deal. Joe and Nicole were feeling "meh" about doing a big, traditional celebration, so they decided to go their own way and plan a much more intimate day that the two of them could get excited about. Their plan? Get married at the courthouse, have a few friends join them for dinner, and save the rest of the money they would have spent on a big bash for an epic trip to Europe. Mmmhmmm. Sounds good, right? Priorities, people! I like their style.

And so it was. :) They invited me over to their adorable apartment to document them getting ready together. Super low-key. Then, we hopped over to Green Lake for some portraits before heading to the courthouse. They invited only their parents to the courthouse ceremony. And after, they celebrated with pizza at Tutta Bella. Noms!

It was such a fun afternoon. I'm honored to have been a part of their day!

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0003-3

Nicole's friend designed these announcements. SO CUTE.

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0002-3_-WEB

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0001-3

And Nicole's dress? Stop it already. It was a perfect match for her fun personality.

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0005_-WEB

Loved these postcard guest response cards.

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0001-2seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0002-2

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0003-2

They got the best spot in the [court]house. It might be the holy grail of all courthouse wedding locations.

Best judge/photo assistant ever!

After the ceremony, we snagged some photos with their parents...

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0001-4

...and had enough time for more portraits (and a stop for a celebratory post-wedding cocktail!)

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0076_-WEB

Clearly I'm a fan of stuffy photos.... Just kidding! SHOW ME YOUR WALRUS FACE!

seattle courthouse wedding photography-lovesongphoto-0094_-WEB

Congrats, you two!