Renee + Dan + Pizza!

Happy Tuesday! I'm just returning from a great trip to Colorado to visit family (and a rare couple of weekends off during wedding season!) and my first order of business is to share Renee & Dan's engagement session with you all. If you are hungry and haven't eaten lunch yet, I apologize in advance: this blog post will probably only exacerbate your hunger situation.

Renee and Dan suggested we meet up at one of their favorite local spots, Essex, for their engagement session. And, since we'd be in the neighborhood, why not pop in next door to Delancey for some pizza?

Oh man, let me think about it for a second.... OKAYYESPLEASE!

These two know food. They met at the Ballard farmer's market where Danial was working at an oyster stand. Renee invited him to "a bar at the end of the road called Walrus" to have a beer while she shucked oysters. The rest was history. It's also worth mentioning that she owns said bar, along with a bunch of other amazing food joints around town that you should try out. Because she is a badass. Just throwing that out there.

I love being introduced to my couples' favorite places. We were also were able to shoot at their home for a bit while we digested that insanely good pizza. Yum! It was an awesome afternoon.



reneeericksondanialengagementsessiondelancey-lovesongphoto-0030_-WEBAfter chowing down on some of the world's most delicious pizza, we headed to their home to grab some photos with their pets. Their dog, Mr. Arlo, is a sweet, sweet soul. Renee and Dan are so great with him. reneeericksondanialengagementsessiondelancey-lovesongphoto-0033_-WEBreneeericksondanialengagementsessiondelancey-lovesongphoto-0036_-WEB

Thanks to Delancey + Essex for treating us like family while we photographed there! And congrats to Renee + Danial on your upcoming nuptials! I had a blast with you guys.

Now I'm craving pizza again and I'm not even mad about it.