Deva and Orin's Seabrook Wedding

Sounds of laughter shades of lifeAre ringing through my opened ears Inciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love Which shines around me like a million suns It calls me on and on across the universe -the beatles
havdalah ceremony on beach with lanterns

The weekend of Orin & Deva's Seabrook wedding was unforgettable. The couple invited their guests to experience the beach town (one of favorite places!) for not just the day of the wedding, but for the entire weekend. The couple went to great lengths to make sure their guests not only felt welcome and comfortable, but that they also knew that they were a big part of a unique and beautiful weekend.

In lieu of the typical rehearsal dinner, the night before the wedding took the form of "International Night," which was inspired by the couple's love of travel and their international guest list. That night was a blast. There was food from different corners of the planet and everyone dressed in garb from whatever countries they wanted; groomsman were in Nigerian outfits (Orin travels to Africa often for work) while Deva and her bridesmaids donned Japanese yukata, inspired by her time in Japan. The guests participated in a lighthearted fashion show, wearing cultural outfits of their choosing, and competition heated up as guests participated in bride-and-groom-specific trivia. :)

After dinner and festivities, everyone headed down to the beach for a sunset Havdalah ceremony. Guests wrote wishes on lanterns ahead of time, and after a few toasts and a brilliant sunset, the lanterns were set free into the crisp air. Incense and candles were passed and guests who were once strangers became friends.

So, in a word, it was pretty darn dreamy.

For as much time and effort Orin & Deva put into making their wedding special for their guests, they received an equal amount of love right back in the form of hugs, kisses, and an amazing rush of good energy from their family and friends.

We headed down to the beach for their first look just as the mist rolled in from the water, for what turned out to be one of the most memorable 20 minutes of portrait making I've ever done. So much fun.

Be still my heart, you guys.

Seabrook's never seen a wedding party as good-looking (or as good at running!) as this one.

Before the wedding ceremony on the beach, I had the pleasure of photographing the signing of the ketubah, which was beautifully designed by the bride's sweet sister. There may have also been something stuck in my eye when wonderful Grandma Naomi made a special speech for the bride and groom. Yes, definitely something stuck in my eye...

seabrook beach wedding-0360seabrook beach wedding-0367

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seabrook beach wedding-0493

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seabrook beach wedding-0469

One of the many unique things about this wedding day was the couple's use of a projector at the reception, which was beautifully utilized to share a video from a very meaningful recent trip to Africa. It was also used to show a video that some of Orin's friends who were unable to attend the wedding made for the couple during toasts. What an awesome and creative way to include those guests who are unable to attend your event!

seabrook beach wedding-0481seabrook beach wedding-0484seabrook beach wedding-0486

seabrook beach wedding-0487seabrook beach wedding-0001

seabrook beach wedding-0503seabrook beach wedding-0504seabrook beach wedding-0514seabrook beach wedding-0508seabrook beach wedding-0507

Words can't even describe this epic weekend, and I had far too many favorite photos to select from for this blog post. I had to cut myself off somewhere, but I hope you've enjoyed this peek into that lovely weekend! What an honor it was to be a part of it. Thanks Orin and Deva -and your families!- for welcoming us into your event with open arms.

Thanks to the following vendors for also being awesome that weekend:

The Ice Man to my Maverick, Krista at Prive Events | The most amazing wingwoman and 2nd shooter (and fellow RMSP grad): Cassie Pepper | Ari at PartyBoothNW for the fun photo booth times | Jeff at Seabrook for taking good care of us vendors and letting me borrow his golf cart :)