Your Bridezilla, Explained: The Dress.

  paso robles bride prepares to walk down the aisle

Digging into the archives this week. This image is from one of my first weddings ever, back in 2011. Looking back through this gallery, I can see myself falling in love with wedding work and all of those tiny little ephemeral moments. The pre-ceremony photos are still my favorite to shoot, with all of the nervous energy that comes along with the bride preparing to change into her wedding dress.

Brides: Did you know that you can dig deeper into understanding all of those pre-ceremony jitters by looking at what's going on here through a mythological/archetypal lens? One of my favorite writers, Sheryl Paul, says in her book, The Conscious Bride, "Essentially the wedding dress symbolizes both the untouchable purity of a princess and the regal perfection of a queen." In other words, you, the bride, become a blank slate for the transition you're about to make by donning that dress of yours.

Ummmm... excuse me? A blank slate? Yep. In a lot of ways, you're stripping away what you were and slipping into a new skin. You're essentially changing your identity in this moment. NO PRESSURE or anything.

Or, as I believe the wise Brittany Spears once put it: "Not a girl, not yet a woman...?" ;)

Yep. Your dress, however much you've considered this or not, is a symbol; a tool you're using to elevate yourself into that "perfect" or "regal" energy of the queen/wife/W-O-M-A-N that you're about to transition into. That's what's going on. That's why you feel jitters. Because transitioning to a new identity as a wife and elevating one's self to a state of physical perfection for all to see is a little intense, no?

So, as Sheryl writes, when it's your turn to throw on that incredible wedding dress that you've spent so much time selecting, and you start to feel a little stressed/jittery/overwhelmed, "...Just remind yourself that everything you are going through is a normal and necessary part of this transformation, and that through this rite of passage you are being given the opportunity to redefine who you are and who are you are becoming."

And also, look in the mirror 'cause dang girl, you look gooood.