Allison & Bart's Volunteer Park Engagement Session

In your face, rain! Allison, Bart, and I aren't afraid of you! The reality of living and photographing in Seattle is that sometimes... it rains. I know, I know. Shocking, right? People tend to think that sunny days are best for portraits, but the truth is: the dreary Seattle weather can actually be pretty great for photos. A downpour is one thing and might be the catalyst for a session raincheck, but the everyday PNW sprinkle is generally nothing to worry about when it comes to photos. As long as you're warm and comfortable enough to shoot, and your hair doesn't run the risk of getting suuuuuper messy, the rain is no problemo.

If you embrace the weather on your session day, you can end up with some pretty fun stuff. The rain can make colors appear a little more saturated, and the light on rainy days can be soft and glowy, a no-brainer for portraits. The weather can almost play another character in your photos. My advice? Embrace it.

Allison & Bart have a great love story. They're delightfully sassy and clearly crazy about each other. It was so much fun to hang out with them. Can't wait for their wedding!

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