Manhattan Engagement Session

The more I visit New York City, the more I love it. To be honest, any city where you can eat at a different restaurant every night of the week and never run out of new dinner options is fiiiine by me. I'm grateful to have had the chance to travel to NYC to photograph Ursula & Tyler's engagement session. These two were amazing hosts. They took me around to some of their favorite spots, including places in the Upper West Side and closer to their home, near the waterfront. They introduced me to their sweet, sweet pup, Enzo, who I'm pretty sure has made it to my list of favorite dogs of all time. It's not in my character to turn down puppy snuggles. After shooting around the neighborhood with Enzo, we found a hidden rooftop, visited a movie-worthy location (see below!) and landed at one of my favorite spots in the whole city. I honestly could have shot with them all day long because there is so much fun to be had in that city, but I'm also just over the moon to have had the opportunity to adventure together for a few hours. What a blast!

Oh, what's that, you ask? The firehouse from the movie, Ghostbusters? You're darn right, it is! (Nerd alert!)

Toward the end of our adventure, we made a last-minute decision to hit up the Highline in Chelsea, which is an elevated park that runs above the streets on the West Side. It's beautifully designed and easily one of the neatest spots in all of NYC. We got there right as the sun was setting, casting its intense, golden color into the city.

Thanks for such a great session, you guys! XO