Lola Floral Workshop

One of my favorite things about my job is that I somehow get to meet all of these super-creative, super-talented human beings on almost a daily basis (when I'm not trapped in my editing cave!) Last month was no exception, as I had the honor of photographing one of Lola Creative's wonderful floral workshops in Woodinville at the lovely 21 Acres building.. I got to hang out with a bunch of florists, planners, and floral enthusiasts, and basically be a fly on the wall with my camera in tow. I left the workshop feeling amazed at all the time and skill that goes into making even ONE bridal bouquet on a wedding day. Not only does owner Emily Allen know her stuff when it comes to crafting up a dazzling bouquet, she doesn't stop at crankin' out the botanical gorgeousness; she is also one of those special creative types who shares their knowledge with others. It's funny... In the wedding industry I feel like there are two camps: people who hold tightly to their "trade secrets," and those who give back to their craft by teaching others how to step up their own game. It's an inspiration to see people in this industry sharing --and simultaneously lifting up-- their little corner of the biz by bringing everyone to a higher level.

Thanks for having me on board, Emily! And thanks to all of the students/fellow industry peeps who let me into your space bubbles while you concentrated on those bouquets! For anyone interested in participating in some pretty sweet floral design workshops, click here to learn more about what Lola Creative has going on this summer.

photos of a seattle florist workshop