Ballard Engagement Session at King's Hardware

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. --Rose Franken

I actually love it when my couples don't exactly know how to fit into the "typical" bride and groom mold, so they just end up making it their own. Since marriage (even modern marriage) is technically a ritual in which countless couples have participated, what that means is that this ritual usually comes with some major expectations come wedding planning time. Am I right or am I right?

One of the biggest expectations I've noticed during the wedding planning journey is that of perfection. The P word. The He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named of wedding planning. The nemesis of wedding planning peace of mind.

From the second you get engaged, chances are you might start feeling like you should act and/or feel a certain way as soon as you put that ring on your finger. Most couples I know experience this on some level. There is SO much to say about this topic, but for now I just want to briefly touch on perfection and what that means for your engagement photos.

Take these two, for example. If I had to describe Greg & Lindsey, I'd say that they are FUN-IN-ALL-CAPS. I could sense that they were a little concerned that the typical/serious/standard engagement photos wouldn't work for them, or how they'd fit into that perfect/ideal idea of an engagement session.

Before their session, Lindsey sent me an hilarious collection of photos of the two of them making silly faces, sweetly warning me that they rarely ever take serious photos together. I giggled as I looked through her gallery... The photos were all so much fun; in some, their eyes were wild, tongues were out, rock and roll symbols were flashed. Crazy expressions and all. Her pre-session note to me warning that "this is what you're working with..." and "good luck!"

So, for their session, I kinda just let them be. We didn't try to make them look like anything they're not, but I did try to give them the space to be themselves and interact with one another. I love how funny and expressive they are with each other. That's them. They didn't need to be super-posed or "perfect" in the stock photography sense of the word. Instead, we just took a walk around Ballard, played around a bunch, and celebrated a good session with some beers at their favorite place, King's Hardware. Easy peasy.

Now they're more comfortable in front of the camera (this will be super important on their wedding day and is why I encourage most of my couples do a session anyway.) They have some photos of themselves in everyday clothes, looking happy, and most importantly, looking like themselves. If they have kids someday, their kids can look back and get a feeling for how their parents were together... how they really were; so much fun, and silly, and delighted to be a team. Boom.

Also we made sure to get some of those silly faces photos that they're so good at, just to keep it real. Sorry moms. We got some normal ones for you, too. :)