A Cozy Rainy Day Engagement Session at Home

Sarah is crazy about the rain. Leor is crazy about Sarah. Leor and Sarah are crazy about their awesome cat, Tobias. And now I'm crazy about all of them, as well as this session I'm about to share with you! When Sarah emailed me about her engagement session back in December, she mentioned she'd love to have some rainy day shots (complete with rain boots and umbrellas) as part of their engagement session. We pushed back the date a couple of times this Spring, since Seattle ended up supplying us with a seemingly endless amount of sunshine for the first few months of the year. And then, on our last try, the sky delivered. Not only did we get a rainy day, we got a really rainy day. And those cute rain boots and umbrellas? They graduated from being merely props to becoming fully necessary for our photoshoot survival. :)

A proper rain storm. Way to order that one right up, Sarah!

So, for their session, I met S+L at their adorable apartment where we hung out with Tobias the Cat, popped some bubbly, and had a cozy session at their home before walking around the neighborhood. Afterward, soaking wet, they made me some tea and we talked forever about India. It was such a good day.

Warning: Tons of cat photos ahead. #sorrynotsorry