A Look at Fine Art Wedding Albums (and I do mean fiiiine...)

Two of my 2014 couples recently asked me to design their wedding albums, and I happily obliged! Here's how the process works:

  1. First, you send me 30-50 of your favorite, can't-live-without-them images from your wedding day (which can easily be done through your online gallery.)
  2. I tinker around with the layout and put them in the best order according to the storyline of your day. I may add a handful of images to the layout if there is space and if it makes sense with the rest of the design so far. Depending on the album, this process can typically be completed within a week's time.
  3. I send you a first draft. You tell me what you like and what you don't like. (Scroll down for a short video of one album layout.)
  4. I make a second round of changes and send you the draft for your approval, along with my suggestions for cover materials (I've been loving this candy foil fabric + white embossing, pictured below. Scrumptious! But there are also leather or other fabric colors to choose from.) If all is good to go, your design is ready to be sent to my professional album company of choice! :)
  5. Custom albums take a few weeks to make because they're handmade with care and attention, not just cranked out as quickly as possible like a lot of other consumer-grade album companies out there. Pages are printed on an archival, slightly thick and slightly textured fine art paper. And even though you already know I'm a nerd, I'll seal the deal and confirm that by saying that I really love this paper. Like, a lot. (Nerd status achieved!)
  6. I deliver your albums. You pour over them, relive your day with your fam & friends, and in a few decades, show your kids and grandkids how hot you were back in the day.

Piece of cake.

fine art wedding album photos candy foil with emboss

Note: Did you know that you can order a duplicate copy of your album for your parents at a fraction of the cost of your first album? Parent Albums are slightly smaller, but the same quality. Your mom will probably cry when you surprise her with one. Though unspoken, she'll make a mental note that you're her favorite. ;)

And here's a quick little video of Kelsey & Matt's album that I instagrammed recently to give you a better idea of an album layout I designed for them:

Woot! Albums are arriving in time for the holidays! Love me some @visionartbook cc: @kelseyasims ????

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The winter months are a great time to order albums, because you'll be more likely to get them quickly, before my busy season starts up again. If you mention this blog post, I'll give you 10% off your album order through the end of February! Email me at krista@lovesongphoto.com to get started. xo