Robinswood House Wedding (and exciting news!)

I looooooove Janice and Rohan. They are super kind and a lot of fun to be around. They laughed a lot and kept their cool like pros amongst the excitement and chaos that comes with any wedding day. Their families, many of whom were visiting Seattle from as far as India, were incredibly gracious and probably one of *the* nicest groups of folks I've ever met. Their wedding took place at the St. Louise Parish in Bellevue, and the outdoor reception/celebration followed at Robinswood House. I also should mention that this family could really let loose on the dance floor, which is a quality I like a lot. They all get an A+ for their dance moves, for sure. :) My awesome second shooter that day was my friend Cassie, who was one of my classmates at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Timeline tip: When couples don't do a first look before their ceremony, leaving cocktail hour the only time that they can do portraits together, a second shooter is pretty essential so that one photographer can cover the cocktail hour festivities while the other handles couples portraits. Just one of the many benefits of hiring a second shooter!

ALSO!  I'm so, so honored to announce that an image from Rohan and Janice's wedding was featured on the Ever Ours blog as one of the Best Wedding Portraits of 2014! Jump on over to Ever Ours to see the rest of the amazing work that Lydia has put into showcasing the best wedding photography around. While some wedding blogs these days get way too caught up in the details for my liking, Ever Ours really does a good job at celebrating the stuff that really matters: the documenting all of the love and nuances that happen between people on a wedding day. Some of my favorite photographers, people I look up to so much, have been featured in the "Best Of" list this week, so I am pretty over the moon to be in their company. Definitely go check out that blog for some guaranteed eye candy.

Here are some images from Janice and Rohan's day back in July. Enjoy!


seattle robinswood house wedding_0154

seattle robinswood house wedding_0155