Seattle Wedding Photographer | A DIY Skagit County Wedding

Sara and Stuart didn't want a cookie-cutter wedding. So, they reserved the most adorable community center in Skagit County; nestled into the surrounding farmland, off of the famous Chuckanut Drive, and somewhere between the railroad tracks and the tiniest, white chapel down the street. The couple set out lawn games (including beer pong! AND giant Jenga!) and had tacos served to their guests on the back lawn. So obviously, they immediately had me at 1.) quaint, bucolic wedding venue, and 2.) tacos.

Add in bubble wands, and alligator-shaped pinatas for the kids [of all ages] to play with, and you're already winning at life. The band played as people drank homemade mead. Passing trains rattled even more revelry into their guests.

Maybe my favorite part of the day happened when the bride & groom took time together before the ceremony to privately recite their vows in front of a gorgeous old barn, which belonged to some family friends. I loved the idea of doing private vows before the public ceremony. It was a great way to balance the personal aspect of what a wedding's all about in the first place, a union between two people, by still including the more community-affirming, more traditional ceremony that took place in front of all of their loved ones. Sara & Stuart got their quiet time together, and their families got to witness their union as families always wish to do. Everybody wins.

Out of all the weddings I've seen, theirs was likely one of the most lively, and easily one of the most down-to-earth. Somehow, it almost felt old-fashioned to me in the best of ways... There's this scene from one of my favorite movies ever, A River Runs Through Itwhere the whole church community gathers for a summer party on a lawn. Everyone's wearing white, and there are children running wildly everywhere.  A fiddler is playing in the distance and ladies of the town are gossiping. I couldn't find a clip so you'll have to just watch the movie to see what I'm talking about... But basically what I'm saying is that the whole day had that sort of feeling; a sense of tight-knit community. No pretension. And an underlying, wild love between two people.

Voilà. A beautiful day.

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