My Life in Instagram

Hey dudes and dudettes! It's been awhile! June flew by. Between my car getting rear-ended (2nd time in two years!), working six days straight on photography workshops at CreativeLIVE, a styled shoot, newborn and engagement sessions, my cat being sick, and a workshop in the Poconos, I am spent! But all is well and I'm excited for wedding season to ramp up, and equally excited for evenings in my hammock.  OH! And did I mention that I'm working on rebranding my biz & website with some lovely ladies this month? Awwwwwww yeahhhhh.

Since wedding season is upon us, I wanted to get a couple more blog posts in before the wedding storm approaches (best storm ever!?)  If you've read my newsletter, you know that I'm obsessed with Instagram. In the last few months, I've basically dropped Facebook and Twitter in favor of the more photo-based, less annoying form of social media. If you are on Instagram, let me know and I'll follow you! It's so fun to be able to create photos, and keep a visual journal of my life, allll from my iPhone. I've even started using the search feature on Instagram to research travel ideas before trips... I search for the hashtag of the city I'm going to, and see what all the local instagrammers are up to. I've connected with people I never would have otherwise, and have gotten some good restaurant recommendations, etc. from my insta-research. I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty pleased with myself with this discovery. :)  Try it before your next trip! It's a great way to learn about a place before you go!

Here are some of my recent instagram photos. Most are edited with the VSCO app. Check it out!

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