Into the Woods: A Point Defiance Engagement Session

Announcement: Point Defiance Park in Tacoma is a magical, wondrous place. Tell your friends! Dane and Theresa's awesome engagement session took place there last month, and I was floored by its beauty. This place is incredible. It may be my new favorite park, and that's saying a lot because there is an abundance of beautiful parks in the Seattle area.  I arrived early to scope it out... did the whole 5 Mile Drive. Saw deer grazing in the meadow areas, and about 50 ravenous roadside raccoons, all looking for a snack. Forget it raccoons. I can read the signs. You will get no human snacks from me. No sir.

Theresa and Dane brought their sweet pup along to their session, which is always fun. They were all a little camera-shy at first, but I think by the end they were complete photo-taking stud muffins and divas. :)

Ew, did I just say "stud muffins?" I'm sorry. What I think I meant was Theresa and Dane rocked their session and we ended up having a really good time. They turned out to be naturals!

Here's an equation for session success:

Two kids in love + a gorgeous natural playland like Point Defiance = ENGAGEMENT SESSION VICTORY.

And this one was kind of a blooper... totally out of focus, but it kind of turned out looking like a painting!