A Handmade Lake Union Cafe Wedding - Seattle Wedding Photographer

Hola amigos! It's been a busy month here at Love Song, and I am so glad to finally get the time to blog some images from Russ & Ambika's springtime wedding. It's funny how small the world is when you really look at it. Somewhere around 6-7 years ago when I moved to Seattle, I randomly found Ambika's blog after a long search for hair product reviews for people with naturally curly hair like mine. (Random, I know... bear with me!) Ambika had blogged about hair products for curly gals like us, and I ended up following her on social media for quite awhile after I found her article. I even bought a couple pieces of her lovely jewelry from her etsy shop. She is an awesome, crafty lady!

Fast forward to 2013, and she is inquiring about having me shoot her wedding. *Insert happy dance here!* It was such a joy to actually meet her face to face, and be invited to be a part of her wedding day. The world is small. And wonderful. And you never know how your path might intersect with another's.

Russ and Ambika got married at the Lake Union Cafe right here in Seattle. There were tons of handmade details, LOTS of laughs, good people, good music, and great dance moves. Congratulations, you two!