Custom Wedding Albums: To Buy or Not to Buy?


I recently saw an interesting article on the Huffington Post. Have you read it? As of today, this article has over 250 comments and a pretty intense discussion surrounding it, to boot.  The controversial topic? Wedding albums. (Dun dun dunnnnnnn!) Click the image below to be taken to the article. The Case Against Good Enough by Kathleen Trienske


It got me thinking. As a wedding photographer, of course I'm interested in the end-result of my clients' photos. The struggle between digital files and physical prints/books takes up a lot of space in my brain these days, people. I'm constantly trying to brainstorm ways to re-structure my packages to include both digital & physical products so that my clients can have the best of both worlds at a price that won't totally break the bank.

I understand the desire for digital images, but notice that the current trend these days is for couples to bypass the album option entirely.

As I'm sure I've mentioned on my blog before, I feel very guilty just passing along a disk of images. Yes, there is a ton of value in that disk and a lot of things my couples can potentially do with those digital images. However, I often wonder if anything's being done with those digital files. Are all of those wedding photos just hanging out on a disk in a drawer somewhere? I really, really hope not. Note: If your wedding photos haven't been made into anything physical for you to frame, thumb through, or walk by on a daily basis and smile at, please don't tell me because it'll make me want to drown my sorrows in ALL of the Girl Scout cookies right now.

All that work! All those beautiful images are so lonely in JPEG form! The story of your day, just collecting digital dust, or corrupting, or getting lost between your wall and the bookshelf. That is the opposite of my happy place. This, my friends, is the opposite of my jam.

Full disclosure: I wish so much for couples to own a wedding album that I've often daydreamed of including albums in ALL of my packages going forward. However, I'm too much of a coward to make this change in fear that couples would blow me off, thinking they don't need an album now, and go in search of another photographer. That would suck. Guess what? In 10 years, anyone who opted to invest in an album would likely thank me. :) But it's hard to see that end-result up front, when you're wedding planning and everything adds up so quickly, as things often do with wedding planning. Custom albums aren't cheap. I get it.

I totally, 100% understand wedding sticker shock. It's just a bummer to know that the only investment from your wedding that will gain value over time (your wedding photos!) isn't being used or showcased to its full potential. As the gatekeeper to your wedding photos, I feel it's my responsibility to tell you this.

Opting out of a wedding album is kind of like running all across town to several different grocery stores to buy special ingredients for the fanciest cake of your life, and then choosing not to combine said ingredients into a glorious, delicious cake that all of your loved ones can enjoy.  (mmmm... cake.)

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there with me through that brain-dump about wedding albums! If you are a past client of mine and have been meaning to order an album, get in touch. I'd love to help you create a beautiful album to remember your day by! 

I digress! My initial reason for signing on to blog today was to share a few images from Matt & Brianna's Court in the Square wedding album, which we finished up this fall. I love it! Their names are stamped on the front with a blind emboss technique, which looks really modern and sharp. The fine art leather is so soft and the album's lay-flat pages create an uninterrupted viewing experience (read: no white gutter in the middle between pages.) I also recently picked up some leather samples from my amazing album company, Vision Art, who I got to visit with at the WPPI expo last week.  I'm obsessed with their albums and actually can't wait to order a few more samples to show my clients soon!

leather visionart wedding albumleather visionart wedding albumleather visionart wedding albumleather visionart wedding album

leather visionart wedding album