Iceland Travel Photos - Winter is Our Summer

Hallo my dears! This morning, I was up bright and early... We're talking at 5:00AM Seattle time (ew!) due to my little buddy called jet-lag; for a week my body has been working on GMT, which is a full 8 hours ahead of us here on the Pacific coast of the US of A. Having returned to Seattle last night from an overdue visit to Europe, I'm using these early morning hours to leave a note here for you guys.

My husband, Phil, and I both worked extra hard in 2013, barely taking any time off from work or being away from email; working holidays and, of course, weekends. Wedding season here in Seattle is somewhat seasonal, meaning that we wedding photographers generally give up our summers in order to shoot, process, and deliver weddings in the warm months.  Barbecues, picnics, and other summer gatherings are often missed as we work on making deadlines for our clients. While the rest of the country is playing their summer days away, we wedding photogs are typically holed up in a dark room, getting our edit on. With weekends filled with shooting and weekdays with editing, creating albums, and fulfilling print orders, the fun and recreation of summer months can easily slip by, unfulfilled. Since wedding photographers have the best job in the world, we typically don't mind this. However, it does give us extra initiative to be sure to have some fun in the winter months.

So, when the winters roll around and weddings here in the Northwest diminish a bit for a short time, wedding photographers will play. January and February, in general, are our time to take a load off before the weather warms up enough to start engagement sessions in the spring. After finishing my third summer of shooting weddings, I have learned to take full advantage of winter while I can.

This year, I was determined to go to Iceland, the #1 destination on my travel bucket list. We booked a last-minute trip a couple of weeks ago, and for a week we were explorers. I took a couple of cameras with me (of course!) and can't wait to share some images with you guys!  For now, I'll leave one here. Check back here and at my side-project, Get Your Travel On, in the coming days to see more.

icelandic house and bird landscape travel photo