A Tip of the Hat to 2013 - Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Happy-New-Year-2014 Happy New Year, everyone! On this, the first day of 2014, I am able to reflect back on the year behind me and give it a proper send-off. You can measure a year in a lot of ways. For me, I know that my business is what I lived and breathed, with great gratitude for those of you who trusted me with your images this year. As I tend to say a lot on this blog, I really love my job. Not everyone gets to say that.

While I'm convinced that I have the best job in the world, like any, it has its own ups and downs. To be honest, I am still learning how to be a one-man show.  Between shooting weddings and portraits, as well as working as a freelance host for workshops at creativeLIVE, I did a lot of overbooking myself last year, leaving very little time to breathe.

Being busy is so awesome! But, when you're growing a business, it's extremely easy to feel guilty about saying no to things. As a result, I am a bit worn out. I've learned that I may need to leave a few more weekends open in the coming year, as well as create some new studio policies in regards to scheduling, so that I can provide my clients more personal attention and better turn-around times, as well as give myself some downtime to re-prioritize; visit family more often, and have some travel adventures! Working on that work-life balance thing... :)

So what does all of this mean for my clients? Hopefully, improved turn-around times (it's been 4-6 weeks for weddings, and I'd like to get that down to closer to 4.)  Also, I am going to work hard to schedule most of my sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays going forward, leaving the rest of the week for editing and taking care of business.  Of course, that's just an idea and we'll see what reality makes out of it!

There ya have it. What would be a new year without new goals? ;) Without further ado, I want to say a great big THANKS AGAIN to my clients. You give me the support to keep doing what I love to, which is really a wonderful gift to give. Thanks guys! To celebrate, I'm sharing some of my favorite images from the year below.

See ya, 2013. You've been swell!