Black Friday 2013 Wall Art Sale

You know the wall.  The one, lonely wall in your home that doesn't get any love. You just pass by it every day without a second glance because, let's be real, there's not much goin' on there. And your wedding photos?  Or the photos of your baby that you love so much, but are just hanging out in a dark drawer somewhere on a disk, or hanging there in your online gallery, slightly forgotten.  Yeah, you know that wall. And I know you know those digital files.

Don't worry you guys! Today is Black Friday. And there is HOPE for your walls!

seattle wedding & portrait photographer black friday deal

Today I wanted to do something special for all of my past wedding and portrait clients, in order to help you liven up your living space with your photos and memories. Boring walls begone!

For this weekend only, I am offering 3 modern canvas gallery wrap designs for you. For those of you who have been to my office, you might have even seen one of these options in-person! :) Keep reading...

love song photo black friday

3 Canvas Gallery Wrap Design Options:

The Show-Off is a 30x30" canvas gallery wrap, which showcases 49 of your favorite wedding images.  It's such a cool way to enjoy your wedding (or portrait) photos in your home.  Your names & wedding date can be added to the little banner, as well, just to add to the sweetness. By the way, a 30x30" size is SUPER for placing above your fireplace or as a focal point on your wall at home; it really holds its own. Last year I was selling these for $500 so this price is a steal!

The Showcase is a lot like the Show-Off, but a bit smaller at 24x24". It features 13 images, which makes it perfect for showcasing your portrait images in a child's room or arranged with other wall decorations. $350 (save $50!)

And finally, The Showboat is the smallest option for those of you who are excited about displaying your wedding or portrait images. What I love about this one is that the 10x20 canvas can be displayed vertically or horizontally.  This size especially makes a great gift to photo-loving relatives. Let's just put it this way, this gift will probably make your mom cry tears of joy on Christmas morning! Priced at $200.

Click through the images below which show a bit more about these designs in detail, including the 30x30" Show-Off canvas that I have in my office. Note: Other than custom albums, the Show-Off is my favorite way to display wedding images. I like that it's a clean, modern design, and can tell the story of your wedding day through images.


Canvas Design Sale - Black Friday through Sunday, December 1st ONLY: The deal for canvas gallery wrap designs is valid ONLY through Sunday night at 6PM. These designs are seasonal and won't come around again until next year.

Duplicate Designs: Want to order one gallery wrap for you, and another for your grandma? That's a lovely idea! When you buy one design at the advertised price, you're welcome to purchase a duplicate of that design for a friend at 50% off. (Buy one, get one 1/2 off!)

Black Friday Bonus:  For those of you who purchase this deal by 11PM on Friday (TODAY!) you will also receive a $50 print credit as a gift! Upon purchase, I will apply this print credit to your online gallery for you to use immediately.

//////////HOW TO ORDER////////// Step 1: Select your canvas design(s). Options include single or duplicate canvas options.

Step 2: After your purchase is completed through PayPal, start making a list of your favorite images!  I'll follow up with you via email once your payment is received. Happy Shopping!

Black Friday Canvas Wall Art Designs:

Happy Shopping!