Wedding season is winding down.  I'm in the process of delivering the rest of my client wedding images, ordering products, and sending out disks of images this week, and then it's on to shoot my final wedding of the season this weekend.  This summer went by in a blink. Time flies when you're having fun! I'll be delivering Kori & Alex's wedding images soon... Here is one of Kori that I am loving.

black and white ethereal bridal portrait

This is my favorite type of portrait. Kori is relaxed and calm, and with the sun to her back she looks angelic. As much as I love a vibrant, colorful image, something special happens to the mood of an image like this when you take it to black & white. Taking the color away simplifies the image, helps you focus on the light and shadows, but somehow also kicks up the romance-factor a bit. Somehow, for me, this kind of processing takes the moment closer to an ethereal level.

Speaking of ethereal things, that reminds me of something I once read, which changed my whole perspective of weddings.  In the book, The Conscious Bride by Sheryl Paul, the author discusses a mythological view of the wedding day itself. In one chapter, she suggests that we humans are so moved by weddings because they bring us closer to a spiritual state, one where the bride and groom are elevated, if only for a moment, to a luminous, spiritual level. Think about it. As Sheryl mentions in her book,"there are few spaces in life where purity, beauty, and light fill the air with such exquisite refinement and where time seems to stand still in reverence of the sacred."

As someone who has been to a lot of weddings, I can attest that the energy in the room changes when the bride walks down the aisle. Sheryl calls it a "buzzing" of energy, which I've found to be an accurate description. Something really special happens when the bride approaches... For a second, she's more than just a bride; she is a goddess. Maybe that's why our breath gets taken away when we witness a bride on her wedding day: for a moment, the bride is more than just a person... she is divine, a symbol of something sacred, ethereal, and in our eyes, close to perfection.

What's your take on it? Have you, either as a bride or a wedding guest, experienced that special "buzz" of energy during the wedding ceremony? I'd love to hear more about it, because it's one thing to feel moved at the sight of a bride, but it's another to really evaluate why.  Kinda neat. :)

Anyway, I digress. I'm looking forward to a productive week here. I hope you all have a great week, too!   -Krista