Seattle Wedding Photographer: A Court in the Square Celebration

If the overall success of a celebration depends on the presence of the wonderful guests who surround you, then Matt and Brianna had it made.  I had a blast with their wedding party, in particular. They were all so supportive, sweet, helpful, and HILARIOUS. I laughed my butt off that day! They were such a delightful group.  And adorable (I mean... just look at them.) The stress of wedding planning is enough to make anyone go out of their mind, but I love how when you get to the wedding day itself, you somehow forget all the months of hard work, meticulous decision making, and headaches.  Poof!  It's gone.  The pot of wedding stew you've been slowly bringing to a boil for months is suddenly ready to eat, and when you take the lid off you suddenly discover that THIS WEDDING STEW IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER! And you devour it with a joyful, open heart. Happens every time.

Matt & Brianna gathered a great group of vendors for their celebration, including some of my personal favorites, The Sweetside and Magnolia Rhapsody. Jenny Boyle Penney was my trusty assistant, and Bash & Bloom supplied the beautiful florals.

bride and groom in alley

court in the square wedding by love song photo

seattle wedding photographer

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