Georgetown Ballroom Wedding - Meghan & JJ's Colorful Celebration

Who's excited for a little COLOR?! I love these two.  Meghan & JJ are as sweet as can be, and it was really a blast to be with them during their wedding day celebration at the Georgetown Ballroom last month.

When I think of this venue, my mind automatically goes to its super bold & colorful lanterns hanging from the ceiling in the ceremony space, which seem to have inspired Meghan & JJ to embrace those very cool pops of color and incorporate them into their vision for the day, from the brilliant oranges in their wedding flowers right down to the ever-so tasty candy bar.

Meghan's dress was also pretty incredible, and so her! I'm not quite sure how to describe it, other than to say that the fabric almost appears to be laser-cut, so that it creates a pretty flower-petal-esque texture as bits of the fabric fold out here and there... If anyone out there knows the technical term for this, feel free to leave me a note in the comments.   ANYWAY, Meghan looked stunning, and I loved her modern look.  JJ, if you're reading this, you looked great too! :) But your wife MAY have upstaged you just a little bit.  Just sayin'.

Without any further ado, please enjoy some images from their wedding day!  And congrats, you two!