Seattle Pet Photography: Boru + Mary

A dog is the only thing on earth

that loves you more than he loves himself.”

-Josh Billings

Boru is my buddy.  He is lucky enough to be the puppy-son of my friend, Mary, who loves him just as much as I love my cats... Which is a lot.   Mary, Boru and I had such a fun portrait session last month, and I just wanted to share a few of these with you guys.  Cause looking at this little [big] guy's face is bound to make you smile.

Let me tell you about Boru.  He is not a small dog.  But don't let his size fool you; he is also a cuddler and just as sweet as can be.  If you ever go on a walk with he and Mary, be prepared to be stopped constantly and flattered by admirers... He is a showstopper.  Puppies and humans alike flock to him, no joke.  Can you blame them?

The love that pets give back to us humans can be so wonderful.  It was a blast to document these two.   Boru and Mary are a delight.