BHLDN: A Heartfelt Hilltop Wedding


Big hearts. Wide open skies.

A ceremony on a hill.

Last summer, I photographed Jen and Ben's wedding in my college town in Colorado.  The couple won quite an amazing giveaway from BHLDN, Anthropologie's wedding apparel line, which left them with no shortage of stunning wedding details and apparel.  However, I have to say... the visual beauty of this wedding doesn't even compare to how good it felt to be there.  The material things -the gorgeous dresses and jewelry, the decorations- had nothin' on the exuberant spirits of these two individuals.  Their deep love for each-other and for their guests permeated the day.

The couple got ready at a cute b&b that morning.  Jen's sister styled her hair.  Ben's dad helped Ben figure out the mystery that is getting one's bow-tie juuuuuuust right.  Bow ties are serious business, people.  They are only conquered with the help of very patient loved ones.

Their ceremony took place on a hilltop in Fort Collins, the town where they met.  Family and friends were transported to the site via school bus where they enjoyed pre-ceremony lemonades on the hot August day.   The bride and groom walked each other down the aisle to the hand-made altar, greeted by joyous applause from guests.  At the end of the ceremony, Jen and Ben treated their guests to a song, accompanied by a friend on the guitar (!)... and proceeded to make their photographer swoon & cry happy tears.  Seriously, seriously sweet.  Jen and Ben: it is a miracle that any of those photos from your song are in focus because I was wiping away tears the whole time.

Their stellar bluegrass band, Blue Grama, played until the stars came out and everyone's feet were sore from dancing.

Now that you have some background, dear readers, here are some images from the day:

Getting Ready: at The Inn at City Park  // Hilltop Ceremony: Bingham Hill // Celebration: A friend's home in Fort Collins, CO

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