A DIY Colorado Wedding

Pam has been a dear friend to me since we met our freshman year at Colorado State.  I don't remember what we first talked about or how exactly we became friends; all I know is that I liked her from the start.  When I first met her I wondered who this girl was.  She was smart.  She was gorgeous.  She was good at pretty much everything.  Throughout college, she would have coffee ready for me as she gave me a ride to campus in the mornings.  You know those friends who bend over backward for you, take you just as you are, and make you feel completely safe to be yourself?  That's her. I saw Pam the month before she got engaged and asked her how it was going with she and Brandon.  She talked about how they didn't currently have plans to get married, but she also knew that she loved Brandon so much that she didn't really even need a ring on her finger.  She wanted to be with him no matter what, social norms be damned.  A week later, Brandon proposed.  Smart man.  :)

The two of them got to work planning a beautiful, personalized wedding at Pam's childhood home in Erie, Colorado, and they dreamed up some pretty fantastic personal touches.  The day of the wedding, Pam invited her closest ladies to come over early that morning to decorate wedding cakes.  She surprised Brandon by flying into their ceremony with her dad, a pilot, while the DJ blasted "Hiiiighway toooo the Danger Zone" right on queue.  They held fast to say their vows during a short downpour.  And they danced the night away under hundreds of string lights in Pam's parents' airplane hangar.  Magic.

I could go on and on about these two wonderful people, but I'll cut myself off and get to the images!  A big thanks to Erin Lassahn for helping me capture the day in pictures.

Pam, seriously.  Gorgeous inside and out!

While the boys were having photos done, Pam and her dad secretly snuck off to catch a plane to take into the ceremony!