Pike Place Market Engagement Session: Brittany & Brandon

Brittany was a champ.  She woke up early to come to her engagement session ON HER BIRTHDAY.  But really, I suppose it's not so bad to wake up early on your birthday if the plan involves kicking off the morning with a drink from the original Starbucks located in the Pike Place Market, which we did.  :)  She and her fiance Brandon totally rocked it, as you can see in some of my faves, below.  Starbucks has a special significance for them since they met while they were both employees there.  Clearly love and coffee go hand in hand!

I almost tossed this last image out since there's a random guy in the picture, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it.  You see, the random guy in the picture just adds to the spirit of the Market.  The Market attracts alllll types, especially during the summer.  It's a challenge to find a quiet, secluded corner.  But that's kind of what adds to its charm, don't you think?  The hustle and bustle of one of my favorite places in the world.
Can't wait for your wedding, you guys!