A Colorado Plains Engagement Session | Colorado Engagement Photography

I'm goin' out to Denver
See if I can't find
That lovin' Colorado girl of mine
The promise in her smile
Shames the mountains tall
She can bring the sun to shining
Tell the rain to fall
It's been a long time, mama
Since I heard you call my name
I got to see my Colorado girl again
-Colorado Girl / Townes Van Zandt (hear it here)

I love the city.  Big time.  Always have and always will.  But... There is just something about Colorado.

Pam and Brandon scouted some truly kick-ass locations for their engagement session last week.  Brandon proposed at the Colorado/Wyoming border a few short weeks ago, so we started at the border and traveled back south, hitting other unique spots before finishing our shoot in Fort Collins, my old stompin' grounds.

Colorado is dry and often gives me the sneezes, but that doesn't matter.   Because the second I step out into the  o p e n  s p a c e  and the quiet and the fresh air, I'm back home.


 Pam is an amazing woman, a Colorado girl, and one of my best friends.  I'm so glad that she has a great guy like Brandon to have dance parties with for the rest of her life.  Oh yeah.  Look at those moves.  xoxoxoxo