Sunshine and South Lake Union | Seattle Engagement Photographer


This post will be short and sweet because I have a hot karaoke date tonight!  Here are a few things to note about this particular session:

  • Nicolie and Gary totally rocked it.  We hadn't actually met in person before, and they were just as delightful in person as they are in email correspondence.
  • Sometimes I like to start my sessions off by meeting my clients for one beer.  A little liquid courage doesn't hurt when you're trying to pose someone.  :)
  • I LOVE THE SUNSHINE.  It was darn near sixty degrees the day we did this session.  In Seattle.  In February.  It's so fun to shoot in different light than overcast, all the time.  We didn't even have to wear coats!

N&G: Thank you for a fun afternoon!  I'm really looking forward to your wedding in October!