Personal Photography: Shooting Film... Again. For the First Time.


Pop quiz: You're at your favorite camera store and have some extra cash (not a ton, just enough) in your pockets. Quick!  What do you buy? I recently found myself in this (awesome) predicament and decided to branch out a little bit by purchasing a film camera for the first time in A LONG TIME.  Like, we're talking, probably 7 years or something.  Once I found digital photography, I was hooked.  The results are instant, which works for my A.D.D.-ish personality.  But I also have been seeing a bunch of really amazing work by some of my favorite photographers (Calima Portraits here in Seattle and Jonathan Canlas, to name just a couple) and have become inspired to see what it's all about.

So I picked up a little Pentax K1000 and a couple rolls each of Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford HP5 black and white film just in time to take it all with me to visit my brother and niece in North Carolina last week.  I was a wee bit nervous because I wasn't sure how the shots would turn out; I expected disastrous results, to tell the truth, because I wasn't confident in my film-shooting abilities.  When I did shoot film back in the day, it was always just with a point and shoot for the most part.  I never shot in manual exposure.  So imagine my surprise and glee when I picked up my prints yesterday here in Seattle from my first two rolls of film.... They looked GOOD!  YAY!

First of all, it's fun to have physical prints of your images - even some pro photographers don't take time to make a lot of prints for themselves, including myself.  I can go on and on about what I love about these photos, but I'll summarize by saying that film just feels different.  To me, there's almost more depth, deeper color... without any editing.  I think I'm going to start shooting exclusively with film on my personal vacations going forward.

Anyway, so now I'm pretty hooked.  I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  :)  Enjoy some photos from my trip to Raleigh, most of which feature my sweet little niece.